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Leila Semi Padded Fantastic Flowery Bra

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Fantastic blue flower print semi padded model.

  • underwire
  • semi padded 
  • full band
  • lined with light foam and 100% cotton
  • 3-part deepened cups
  • satin glossy knitwear
  • two-row and three-point adjustable hooks and eyes closure
  • adjustable straps in four widths according to the cup size

Full coverage, the elevated bridge adheres to the body, the bowls are deepened. The top part of the cup is made of lace embroider in unique pattern in two shades of blue. The transparent embroider creates a tattoo effect on the cleavage. The bottoms of the bowls are padded and made of elastic knitwear imprinted in vivid colorful flowers over blue. The back or band is made of the matching printed tensile Lycra. This model futures full band, meaning that the cups and bridge are directly attached to the band and there is no lateral boning.  As always cotton lined bowls and adjustable straps and enclosure are featured for added comfort and functionality. This floral mirage beautifully presents itself on the body, the bra is comfortable and emphasizes the natural shape of the breast. Stylish bows and pendant are just finishing touches to this blooming beauty. This is bra for ladies who always want to look beautiful and feminine.

Composition: 45% Polyester, 38% Polyamide, 12% Cotton, 3% Elastane, 2% Polyurethane