About Us

we want to turn upside down your lingerie drawer, turn some color on, shine some European glam, “butterfly” it, add some flirty flair to it… be vivacious, wear Vivianne’s lingerie today!...

Sometimes I do shop. When I do, I see only same plain models of bras. I also travel to Europe and see some interesting things that feel refreshing, new different. I have always liked luxurious things. Not Midas touch though…But I picked stuff like one… Leather bag, new fancy shoes, new laced bra…even if no one could see it under my button up plain shirt, it made me feel good.

Having a family and limited resources to spend on my favorite pleasures, I felt like lacking some quality when I shop for lingerie. Whatever I touched or looked at something it was either cheaply made or way overpriced in my opinion. Often both. Maybe because I have some background in selling intimate apparel, that made me a pickier customer? I do appreciate the quality and uniqueness…That could be it, and what was a joke of my former boss’s some years back, now became the reality. It became Vivianne’s Flair and the Vivianne’s Boutique front store.

The craftsmanship and quality. It is all about this ohm when you put it on and it feels right, yours. Right? This is what I am after. That is why I decided to bring the collections that compete on harsh European and world markets, but are not so much known here in the US. Something refreshing, colorful, intriguing, and attested.  

Our philosophy is to offer short series of seasonal collections as well as some base assortment. When we pick collection, it will be available for a limited time only. It is not that we cannot guarantee the assortment, only as lingerie fashion and seasons are fast changing, so we want that to be also true for our selection.

Flirty, vivacious and glamorous flair. Never boring. Ever changing. That is what we want our store to be. Matching your lifestyles and needs. Adding that spark when its needed and this extra luxury because you deserve it. Comfort and style are our priorities.

Whenever you need something from base line, that we can re-order as we go. We offer you novelty, flexibility, and functionality.

Here it is our first collection. Fruition of my summer vacation. I have picked couple models to show you how they do it in Europe. All items are made in Poland from European fabrics and laces. Of course, crafted by the manufactures who have been in business so long as some brands you may know, but we do not do crypto-commercial here.

What is the most important about our inventory, it has been made of the best fabrics on the market. Designed and manufactured in Poland. Ethically sourced materials, labor, and distribution.

Proudly made in Poland.

p.s., I have just opened our first shipment. I hope that we will share the same sensation when you will receive yours. That you will enjoy the touch of the new piece and admire each one of them as I have done it today and now on forward.