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Delicate Dressing Robe Adell Grey White

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Delicate dressing robe finished with embroiderer lace.  

  • Sheer mesh 
  • Half tight length  
  • Stretchy knitwear  
  • Elegant and simple lines 
  • Deep v-neckline  
  • Flat finishes 
  • Kimono sleeve  

Light dressing gown made of delicate sheer and stretchy mesh knitwear. Loose fit and simple lines: now you think boring. On the contrary, this one can lead his imagination to many adventurous unwrapping expeditions. Sheer mesh and embroider lace decorated deep cleavageunravel only enough to set his mind on the right track. Will you use it tonight?  

Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.