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Constance Desert Night Lace Semi-Padded Bra Black Beige

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Airy and Classy. Black and Beige Full Cup.

  • underwire-support
  • multipart cup-shape
  • semi open neckline
  • high bridge
  • diagonal cut bowl connected with strap- control
  • adjustable closure and straps
  • classic color
  • laced cups
  • one-piece band

This is perfect match bra for fuller busts. This semi-padded model offers full coverage, it has multipart cup with raised and profiled bottom part which covers the nipple. The upper part of the cup is made of stable, sheer embroider lace in black with delicate beige accents at the edges.

The bridge and bottom parts of the bowls are made of elastic mesh in petal design like black lace laid over beige fabric, which creates added effect. Particularly noteworthy is the band (the back) -without underwire- is made of elastic tensile black Lycra in an intricate, matching the mesh, pattern.

The bra is decorated with one black lacy bow on the bridge and small black bows on each strap. The design with a raised center perfectly adheres to the sternum. Deepened cups show off the bust, which looks rounded, centered and raised. This lingerie is equally elegant and sexy, just ideal for someone who is looking for quality and elegance for everyday wear.

More Technical insight:

SS10 construction:

The lower part of the cup is padded, while the upper part is made of embroider lace. This bra features a full band with the back panels directly connected with the bridge under the cup. The cup is profiled with an underwire that encircles the breast. This model has a semi-open neckline and full coverage. The slightly diagonal seam of the lower cup connects with the strap. The elevated cut of the lower cup ensures nipple coverage. The lower cup features a vertical cut. The high bridge sits firmly against the sternum. This cut pushes the breasts together, makes them look rounder and ensures a subtle lift.

Composition: 53% Polyamide, 23% Polyester, 12% Cotton, 10% Elastane, 2% Polyurethane