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Maxi Semi Padded Bra Clementina

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Colorful Clementina Maxi – fantastic colors and unparalleled pattern.
  • Full-coverage cut
  • Diagonal neckline
  • High bridge
  • Underwire
  • 3 parts cup
  • Multipart cup
  • Extra wide straps
  • Adjustable straps
  • Double row hooks and eyes and three-stage adjustment closure
  • Non-scratch closure   
  • 100 % cotton lined     
  • No side boning
  • Tensile mesh band                                       
A semi-padded model for women with fuller figures. The lower part of the cup is padded, while the upper part is made of embroidery or lace. This bra features a full band with the back panels directly connecting with the bridge under the cup. The cup is profiled with an underwire that encloses the breast. The elevated, slightly diagonal seam of the lower cup that connects with the strap, ensures nipple coverage. A vertical cut runs through the lower cup. This model pushes the breasts to the middle, ensuring support and rounded look.
 The upper part of the cup is made of elastic lace while the lower part and its middle are made of soft „Paisley” style satin like patterned elastic fabric. Model has no side boning.
The band is entirely made of printed thick elastic tulle in the matching pattern. The bridge is adorned with navy blue bow with shiny pendant in the middle. This model will adhere better to the body and prevent “spilling” of the breasts thanks to its raised bridge, wider band, and multipart deepened cups. Two little fuchsia color bows adorn extra straps. Extra wide straps in matching color will gave stability and support.
Composition: 7% Polyamide, 25% Polyester, 16% Cotton, 8% Elastane, 4% Polyurethane