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Cassiopeia Super Soft Nightgown with Amber Charm Ecru

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Delicate and sexy nightgown in ecru.
  • medium length
  • slightly relaxed fit
  • macaroni adjustable straps
  • lace inlays
  • breathable
  • ultra-soft fabric
  • Amber pendant

Amazingly subtle and light knitwear will make you feel comfortable and sexy. The delicate material envelops the body, lace trimming around the neck and at the midthighs add the sexy feel to it. This nightgown simply displays your femininity. What makes this nightgown truly remarkable is the unique embellishment made of real amber, which is a hallmark of this collection. The stone is not just a decoration of your nightgown. It also believed that it has an extraordinary health features, already known by our ancestors. Amber is a medicine for fatigue, headache or muscle, asthma and flu. It effectively cleanses the body and cares about proper metabolism. Now, this natural amulet you can be yours to enjoy every night.

Composition: Viscose 75%, Polyamide 16%, Polyester 1%, Elastane 8%