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Ursula Pink Dotted Bikini

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Cute and dandy -pearl pink briefs in amazingly soft knitwear.

  • symmetrical embroider inlays
  • bikini cut
  • tensile knitwear
  • laced flat garter finishes
  • partial belly control
  • comfy and sexy
  • moderate coverage
  • 100% cotton gusset

Bikini style panties made of dainty dotted pink knitwear fabric. Amazingly soft and pearly pink knitwear adorned with two-toned pink-grey embroidery on each side of the hips, create this light and sweet effect. The back shows off the curves, but not so much, thanks to its moderate coverage.  Decorated with girly pink bow. Waist and garters finished with flat elastic band. Pink pearl slightly shiny fabric and lace finish on the buttocks make it look feminine and delicate, positively sexy. 

Composition: Polyamide 60%, Elastane 20%, Polyester 15%, Cotton 5%