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Clementina Semi-Padded Navy Bra Satin Paisley Purple

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Delightful semi-padded bra- in eye-catching paisley navy palette - Clementina.
  • Underwire
  • Semi-padded
  • High bridge
  • 3-part seamed cup
  • Straps in two widths
  • Adjustable straps
  • Double row hooks and eyes and three-stage adjustment closure
  • Non-scratch closure                                                      
  • Cups bottom made of satin like paisley fabric
  • Tensile fabric mesh band
This semi-padded underwire bra is made of soft knit Turkish design "Paisley” fabric. Top parts of the cups are made of elastic lace in navy blue, the bottoms and the center are made of satin like boldly printed tensile knitwear.
The band has no side boning and is made from thick elastic mesh in coordinating color. The design with a raised medium bridge that adheres perfectly to the body and deepened cups, provides a beautiful highlighting of the breast. The mid bridge is decorated with one larger navy-blue bow with a silver pendant and two small bows in fuchsia color on the straps.
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Lingerie does not have to be boring and homogeneous….
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Composition: 7% Polyamide, 25% Polyester, 16% Cotton, 8% Elastane, 4% Polyurethane